Announcing Musicbed Challenge 2019


Our next big marketing campaign is right around the corner and we wanted to share the details before it launched. This is our largest campaign this year and we’re really excited about it.

It’s called Musicbed Challenge and its primary goal is to increase client numbers, engagement and brand loyalty through a short film competition. By equipping filmmakers with the right tools and giving them a platform to share their talents, we can encourage and build the community as a partner instead of just a service. Beginning June 11, Musicbed is challenging filmmakers to create a film in just 30 days and submit it in one of 5 categories - Narrative, Documentary, Music Video, Spec Ad, Travel/Lifestyle.

Here’s how it works: We’ve pre-selected around five songs for each category, requiring entrants to use at least 10 seconds from one or more of those songs. Filmmakers will compete against each other in each category to win $80k worth of prizes from our sponsors, and winners will be selected by industry-leading judges.

By leveraging our owned marketing channels, existing clients, paid media, PR, Ambassador program, and earned media, we’ll build momentum throughout the campaign to reach hundreds of thousands of potential new clients.

We’ve created similar competitions before, and they’ve always been a huge win for us — but we believe this one will be our best yet. We’re believing that this campaign will make a splash that will convert to more licenses and subscriptions going into the fall! Be sure to check out the Musicbed Challenge website along with some of our other marketing collateral below!