Your Presence on Social Media Means More Than You Think




Social media. The daunting digital space that some people are excited to be a part of while others couldn’t care less. No matter which group you relate more with, this is the world we live in. And if you play it right, capitalizing on your social presence can reap massive rewards.

The power of your brand in many ways is impacted and defined directly by your presence online. A lot of times people see you before they hear you these days. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have changed the media landscape for everyone, including artists.

Now, it’s easier than ever for an artist to be heard because it’s easier than ever for people to access what an artist releases. But it takes intentionality. Someone having access to what you release isn’t the same as someone listening to what you’ve released.  You are your own media company. Do you put the same level of care and attention into your brand, community, and social presence as you do into each of your releases? It’s all important.

How it Affects Your Musicbed Experience

One of the battles we fight all the time is holding the value for your content as high as we possibly can within each individual licensing market. The push back we get from time to time is, “Why should I pay a premium for this song? This isn’t even a real artist!” 

Now, you know you’re a real artist. We know you’re a real artist. But clients are inundated with production library music pretending to be real artists all the time, so what they are really asking is, “How can I be sure this is a real artist?”

All they have to go on is what they find online. They are searching Instagram. They are looking at Facebook. They are trying to find evidence that the music they are tying their project to is associated with someone who shares the same artistic values as they do - which all boils down to authenticity. That’s a great buzzword. So overused it’s nearly lost its meaning, but that doesn’t make it less true. It doesn’t matter if you’re a touring musician or an active producer/composer. How are you conveying your authenticity, your realness to clients, customers, and fans?

The good news is the power is in your hands. When you have hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify, thousands of Facebook and Instagram Followers, and feeds full of relevant content, it’s hard to question your music’s value when it comes to getting top dollar for a license.

For clients to pay the top dollar you are looking for, they want to see you as that authentic artist. 

How to Start

Don’t overthink it, but give it a good regular think. You have to set aside time, money, and energy to feed your brand if you want it to grow. You can start by just documenting your every day. 

Having a social media presence helps enhance relationships with fans and filmmakers. It also helps us cross-promote across channels when you release something. A lot of people see beautiful, curated social media feeds and think “this looks like a lot of work and I can’t do this.” Sure, we love seeing super eye-catching feeds, but what we’re really after here and what we’re encouraging you to do is to post authentically and consistently – if it looks beautiful too, it’s an added bonus! 

People respond to storytelling and connection, so it’s important to connect both as yourself and as you “the brand” in what you share. Authenticity will gain you fans, and consistency will make them feel a part of your journey.

What We See Working



  • Post regularly and consistently

  • Add value to fans and filmmakers by engaging with them and encouraging them

  • Post about placements you have music in

  • Utilize tagging and geotagging (seems elementary, but is easily overlooked and can be crucial to making your social profiles discoverable by others)


  • Consider your visual brand. Ask do my posts have a style unique to me and/or look cohesive?

  • Post a variety of content: you don’t need to just post about music – bring people in and give them glimpses of your life as well!

  • Balance out by documenting your every day, don’t overly self-promote


  • Post from the studio

  • Celebrate others

  • Tease upcoming work + releases

  • Show off your personality through video posts and/or caption copy

  • Share the stories behind your songs


Effort is the Great Equalizer

Like marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk says: effort is the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter if your greatest competitor is bigger than you. What matters is the effort you put into your work. Budget should have no effect on the amount of effort, heart and sincerity that can go into your posts.

We hope you can hear why the social media game is important and how to start playing it. For a lot of you, just starting is a big step, and some of you just need a little more intentionality and strategy. If a client’s negotiation hinges on whether or not you are a real artist, then take that tactic away from them. Now’s the time to take advantage of your social presence. Now’s the time to connect with clients and make them fans. Now’s the time to put in the effort that will make it impossible for anyone to disregard just how real you are.