Time Is Money: Release Strategy



We’re intentional with every element of our artists’ releases, from schedule and assets, all the way down to marketing materials and strategy. Our process is a well-oiled machine, but it’s not magic. We need time to do what we do best (making you money), and that’s where you come in. Getting your materials in early is always better, and here’s why:

Get in the funnel first.

We represent some of the best artists in the world, selecting just a fraction of the thousands of submissions we get every year. So, first things first, pat yourself on the back because you’re in an elite group of artists. However, when it comes to weekly features, we have to narrow down releases even further, and that’s not an easy process.

For each feature, we take into consideration the diversity of our releases, the quality of the release, the demand for the type of music, and...you guessed it, how much time we have until the release. When you get your materials to us earlier, we can start taking all of these things into consideration sooner — which means there’s a greater chance you’ll be featured in one of our many marketing channels.

Strategy. Strategy. Strategy.

Once we have the following list of materials from you, we can start working on your release strategy:

– Filled out Sync/PRO info sheet
– Agreements signed (including co-write clearance)
– Mastered WAVs and instrumentals for all versions
– Stems
– Lyrics (.txt or .doc file)
– New press/promo images
– Album art
– Short bio (.txt or .doc file)

Here’s the kicker: we can’t do a single thing on our end until we get ALL of these materials. We have new music coming in all the time, and we can’t pull the trigger on something that’s not a sure thing. But, once we do have these materials, we can start to work on a strategy for your release and be more intentional about what avenue is best for your work: emails, homepage banner, social media, etc.

Our customers want your music...first.

Our customers are always hunting for new music, and it’s a proven fact that there’s no better way for you to make money than by releasing something new. When we get access to your music sooner, we can not only work on a release strategy, but we can also start actively pitching your work to clients and adding it to playlists. People like music supervisors live and die on getting the latest and greatest, and by giving us your newest material ASAP, we can get it to them faster.

In the end, this is a just a long way of telling you that when we’re in the loop, there’s a better chance for you to make money. We can’t make promises on anything, but if you let us know as soon as you start thinking about a release (or even start thinking about writing new material) we can have a conversation about how to best present it to our customers.