An image may be the first impression someone will get of you and your music — and without great images, we can’t feature artists on our homepage or in marketing emails. Here’s a rundown of what we use, what we expect, and how we can help.


How We Use Your Images

Great visuals are a tool we can use to market your music on:

•  Website Features
•  Mobile App Features
•  Marketing Emails
•  Social Media Posts
•  Film + Music Magazine Articles
•  Online Advertising



  • 5-10 images from your press shoot

  • MUST be horizontal orientation (we can accept vertical for supplemental marketing use) with subjects centered

  • minimum 5000px wide

  • no heads or limbs cropped out of images

  • professionally shot with a DSLR (no mobile photography)

  • no added textures or graphics to images



Show off your unique album style by sending us your high-res artwork. 

minimum size
3000 x 3000px



Your live performance shots provide us with supplemental imagery to promote your music! 

minimum size
3000 x 2000px


An Extension of You

Think about how your music, your creative voice, is unique to you and only you. Your images should feel the same way. The images you choose to represent yourself should be as memorable and unique as your music.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Please reach out to us if you need recommendations for a photographer or an idea to make your images great. Remember, if we’re going to market your music, we must have great images to represent you.