We’re nearing the end of our first annual Musicbed Film Fest, but it’s not too late to submit your music videos! Reach out to the filmmaker who made your best music video and let them know what’s going down. We’re flying the winning filmmaker + artist to Musicbed HQ for the awards party.

Click here to watch the latest Music Video Category submissions by Musicbed Artists!


Last month alone, pieces for Citgo, Dell, Maserati, Blackberry, Google, Chubbies, Microsoft, Crossfit, Guitar Center, AirBNB, Ford, and Chevrolet were all set to sounds created by you — bravo.



Our client services team is stacked with the baddest music specialists and licensing reps in the biz. Here’s some ways we’re connecting filmmakers to your music on a personal level.


Live Chat

We handled 1,090 chats in July pitching your songs for loads of great uses. That number is only going up from here.



Taking care of folks via email. 4,900 answered last month, to be exact. We love answering questions and giving personal song suggestions.



Alex Buono’s Visual Storytelling Tour and Story Conference are coming up. We’re on the ground meeting licensors face to face.