We're truly thankful for your creative spirit and couldn't be happier you're a part
of our ever-growing family. It's been a great year and we're expecting an even
better 2016!

This month we've compiled some information that should help put 2015 in perspective and give you head start on your upcoming projects.


The filmmakers that come to our site love the diverse range of artists we represent, and we've gathered some of the most requested genres, characteristics and themes. Remember to keep making music that is you first and foremost and this can be a helpful tool when planning out your new year.



Cinematic, Singer-Songwriter, Indie Folk

Popular requests have been for cinematic songs, especially those that take their time and aren't exactly epic. The classic singer-songwriter vibes and folk tracks with an indie flair killed it, too.




Upbeat, Energetic, Dynamic, Gradual

Upbeat and energetic songs have been in high demand, but that doesn't mean they're overly happy, either. Tracks that build slowly and have a dynamic range are a good bet as well.




Instrumental Tracks, Anthemic Songs, Lyrics Involving Togetherness or Overcoming

Instrumental tracks that have enough personality to stand on their own are key, along with songs that have a message someone can get behind; some sort of cause.


Through reports on our website, you can see which tracks had success throughout the year and which didn't. So what's the difference between the top sellers and the rest? Try asking yourself these questions:


•  Lyrical or instrumental?

•  What was the song's energy or overall arrangement?

•  Was there a catchy melody or specific hook?

•  Did you use an instrument that stood out?

•  Was the song simple or complex?

•  Did you use a major or minor key?


It's been a solid year for our artists! See for yourself.