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Quickly transfer images, music, lyrics and more in one simple artist admin space.


Content Uploader

Directly upload images, music, and lyrics to your artist profile. This reduces waiting time and quickly activates your music online!


Owner Admin

Assign and view owner information on every song so you can communicate with your collaborators.


Lyrical Themes 

Help build the new 'Lyrical Themes' feature by adding themes figuratively or metaphorically associated with your lyrics.


Recent Placements


We're celebrating the biggest month in Music Bed custom licensing so far! That means your music has gotten in to some major brands' hands. Well done, friends.



updated ios APP

Our team is making some major updates to our app and making your music more accessible than ever.


film+music mag

You're the first to know: We've been crafting a brand new publication focused on filmmakers and musicians.



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A how-to on getting your inspiration back when it's mysteriously gone missing.


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