+ I have a new release, who should I send it to?

Each artist has a specific A&R representative that manages the artists' "works" and other administrative responsibilities for the site. If you have released music with Musicbed in the past, the representative that organized your music for our site previously should be the person you send your new release to! If you're not sure who your rep is, contact us and we will get you connected!

+ What should I send you for a release?

Here is a list of what we'd need for every new release: Lyrics, WAV files of originals and instrumentals as well as any alternate versions/remixes, artwork, stems, as well as your most recent artist images. For a more detailed list of requirements check out our content breakdown page here.

+ What file format should I use when I deliver my songs?

We can only accept audio files that are AIFF & WAV. All audio files should be encoded with a sample rate of 48 kHz at 24 bit.

+ Do I need to master my instrumentals?

We definitely encourage having mastered instrumentals available filmmakers will occasionally license both the lyrical and instrumental version of a song for their project. Whenever the instrumental version isn’t mastered, there is a noticeable difference in the audio level as well as the overall sound. This makes it difficult to piece together seamlessly. While we do highly recommend it, mastered instrumentals aren't a requirement.

+ How do I send you my music, image, lyric, and bio files?

You can send assets through any shareble service – Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive.

+ What are your image requirements?

An image may be the first impression someone will get of you and your music — and without them we can't feature artists on our homepage or in marketing. See our Image Requirements here.

+ How do I write my bio/what are your bio guidelines?

Your bio should be short and sweet, between 25-50 words. Instead of being about your full background and life story, use it to describe your music. Since filmmakers are trying to find the best music for their project, any information they can get on the front-end about your sound is helpful.

+ Why do you need stems?

There are lots of traditional licensing opportunities that come along that require stems to be available or they will not consider the artist for placement.

+ Can I send in cover songs or remixes?

We would love to receive these from you! We are only able to micro-license songs on the platform that have full clearance of the Master and Publishing. Therefore, covers aren't made publically available on the website. But we still get asked for and pitch cover songs regularly. So if you have them, send them our way!

+ What is an ideal release schedule?

More than a specific schedule, the best thing you can do to stay top of mind is to release consistently. We don’t mean 200 tracks a year but we have seen good results from artists who spread out their content. Maybe instead of a 12 song full length release once a year, you split it up into a single release, a 5 song EP a few months later, followed by another single release and 5 song EP.

+ What type of music should I write?

By far the most common question we get asked. You want to license your music. We get it. We signed you because we think you can win. We also signed you because we love how you sound. The best type of music you can create is the music that you’re most passionate about. Clients license all sorts of different styles of music. However there are certain practices that can make you more successful regardless of the music’s genre:

  • Tell a story. Whether it’s lyrical or instrumental, following some basically storytelling guidelines will greatly increase your chances of getting licensed. Have some movement, some emotion in your music. Start small and build up the song, like the climax of a story, then give us a resolution.
  • Filmmakers don’t always need a MASSIVE build to an anthemic chorus that makes everyone put their hands in the air and sing along with tears streaming down their faces. Sometimes they just need a dope ass beat - something that has an identity but can underscore without taking over. There’s still emotion in chill beats and ambient music. Low energy doesn’t mean boring.
  • Lyrically, focus on themes that people can identify with. Sometimes those are happy themes, sad, optimistic, empowering. They can be specific and diverse in overall context, but what doesn’t generally work is extremely detailed lyrics. If you’re singing about your one true love, Doris, with long purple hair, green eyes, and knuckle tats, we might have a rough time finding it a home.
  • You’re not a production music factory. We’re not a production music company. Our filmmakers are looking for artists. We want them to listen to your music as fans.

+ How do I make money?

Making money is part talent, part research, part business.

You’ve released an album. Great, now what? Now we need analyze its performance. Check your reports. Who’s licensing your music? Is it mostly non-profits? Small businesses? Tech industry? Figure out who is licensing and why. What songs are they gravitating towards?

Do you want to get your music in tv shows but you’re not seeing it happen? Watch tv. Listen to what’s being placed. Ask yourself, and be honest, if you have music in your repertoire that fits what you’re hearing in the space you want to be in.

Then make it. If it’s something you love and you have the ability to create, go do it. The analyze it and do it all over again.

You’re talented. But to be successful in sync, you’ve got to put in the work too.




+ How does your payout process work?

Once you secure a license, and the client's payment has cleared, we will send payment via Check, PayPal, or ACH Transfer. You can expect your payment on the 15th of the month for the previous month's licenses. This means that you will be paid on February 15th for January's licenses, March 15th for February's licenses, and April 15th for March's licenses, etc. Note: Since we only payout on business days, If the 15th of the month falls on either a Saturday or Sunday, we will send your payment on the following Monday. If you choose ACH as your payment method, there could be a 48 hour delay as each bank verifies the funds.

+ How do I update my payment info?

Click the square at the top left of the site and navigate to your account. Then, click on "Payout Settings", in order to choose your preferred payout method.

+ I live outside of the US, is there an international tax on my revenue?

Since you’re international to the United States (where we are), there is a default 30% tax on all of your payouts. However, when you submit your completed W-8BEN form, we should be able to reduce (or completely remove) the tax rate based on your country's current tax treaty with the US.

That form should appear in your documents section ( in your Musicbed user account settings. If you don't see it there, you can also download the form here, - and email it to us once completed.




+ How can I get my music on a playlist?

If you're already an artist on Musicbed, and you believe your song is perfect for a certain playlist, let your A&R rep know when you submit your content for uploading. If you're not sure who your rep is, start a live chat with one of our client service representatives. Our playlists are constantly updated with new and existing songs from our catalog, and we'd love to find a spot for you when possible.