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Who Is Musicbed

Musicbed is a one-stop shop for all things sync.

We aren’t your traditional licensing agency. We serve clients at every level, from pre-cleared licenses for independent filmmakers and Youtube creators to TV/Film and large-budget custom work.

We aggressively search for sync opportunities in all markets large and small. Musicbed, simply put, is the most well-rounded sync agency in the market. Great music should be accessible.


Why We’re Different

We value the creative above all else. By creating a platform for artists, we’re supporting their music and helping filmmakers find the perfect track for their films.

  • We pay artists 50% or more of all license revenue, right off the top. 

  • No complicated agreements, no extra fees.

  • We don’t take ownership of what you’ve created and we don’t take your performance royalties.

  • We offer real-time reporting on every license, including analytics on performance over a wide variety of market and music trends. Make informed decisions based on actual info with clear results.



How It Works

By building an innovative, easy-to-use platform and licensing model for our clients, we’re creating new revenue streams for artists around the world. Clients can license music directly through the website, or one-on-one with a direct account executive.


Much of the market needs what we call single song licensing. It’s the most traditional way music is licensed and it works
like this: 

A client needs a song. 

A client finds a song. 

A client pays for a song. 

End of transaction.

For many, especially in emerging markets like Youtube where creatives are releasing daily content, they need more than single song licensing. With a Musicbed subscription, creators can pay a monthly or annual fee for use of the roster. This option isn’t available for every client but for those that qualify, it’s a huge benefit. Easy terms for the client means recurring revenue for the artist.

With our proprietary SyncID™ system used to keep track of those licenses, we’re also able to monetize through Youtube’s Content ID, generating additional income from sync placements. 



Our Clients


  • TV / Film Programs

  • Broadcast Advertising / Commercials

  • Small and Large Business Streaming

  • Independent Film and Documentaries

  • Charities, Schools and Non-Profit Organizations

  • Personal Projects, Weddings and Events

  • Social Media Content Creators

  • Youtube Content ID Monetization




Marketing matters. We’re relentless in using our ever-growing social media and email outlets to promote artists, albums, and singles. This exponentially increases exposure and gets the music placed in more creative projects. 


  • Email Newsletters

  • Ad & Featured Placements

  • Playlisting

  • Social Media

  • Blog Posts

  • Downloadable Playlists

  • Physical Samplers

  • Physical Mailouts

  • Print 

  • Trade Shows

  • Original Films

  • iOS and Android App



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Label/Pub Partners

Not just for indie artists.

For labels, Musicbed offers unparalleled partnership. Let us be a resource to help you better serve your artists. 

Our network of supervisors, producers, agencies, and editors is unmatched — plus we hit micro markets like no one else can. 

When it doesn’t make financial sense for labels and publishers to spend time licensing for small market opportunities, Musicbed can monetize in bulk and help your artists start recouping faster. 

Our system allows us to pay out master and publishing shares separately to as many parties as necessary. With downloadable reports, monthly payouts, and robust analytics, there’s almost no administration on your end.

For interested partners, Musicbed also offers co-pub opportunities. Let us help fund the next album with direction straight from music supervisor and client requests.




Nic Carfa
Co-Founder | VP of A&R

Chris Glenn
A&R Manager