Make Your Music Even More Accessible!

We're integrating stem tracks into our catalog for the first time ever. Our clients and customers will be able to use your tracks to specifically fit their project, at a premium price. The stems will be a specialized featured we can use to make you even more with your music! If you're interested in licensing the stems of your music, let us know. There's absolutely no obligation to do so, and we'll only act upon your approval.


Share Your Latest Tracks. 

Have something new you've been working on in the studio? Send it our way! Agencies and creative teams are already ramping up production on winter projects, and now is the time to get us your music so it's available to pitch when requests come in.


Your Info is Being Put to Work.

A HUGE thanks to all the artists who've been filling out their PRO information and filling out the Musicbed Ownership Info Doc. If you've already started, please update your info and get it to us! If you're not sure what we're talking about, send us an email and we'll fill you in!