Is your PRO Info up to date?


We can help you make even more with your music!

Today more than ever, it's important to keep your music's PRO information up to date and accessible. If your songs are registered, fill out the form in the personal link we emailed to you to help us provide information that will help you get paid for your music.

Music Supervisors need this information to submit cue sheets to your PRO when they use your songs in their projects. Without this information, nothing is submitted and you miss out on residual income every time that placement is played. If your music isn't registered by the time the project airs, you could potentially miss out on the revenue. The time to register your music is now!

If you haven't registered your music, or aren't sure what you're talking about, we can help! Feel free to do some research on your own, or reach out to our staff and they'll be able to point you in the right direction.



Register Your Lyrical Themes


Customers can find your tracks in a brand-new way. Via the same personal link we sent for PRO information, you can update lyrical themes for your tracks. We're building a feature on the site that will let customers search for music by their subject matter (i.e. falling in love, overcoming adversity, dealing with grief, growing up, etc.). Update your information, and it will make your tracks even easier to find.



It's Been a Year Since our Name Change!


The Music Bed | TMB | Music Bed | MusicBed



It's been an entire year since we've changed our name, and there's no going back now! We know it's not always the easiest to keep track of, but just remember to use 'Musicbed' whenever our name comes up.



We're beginning to collect feedback on our new feature.

We're working to implement the ability for clients to buy stems for your songs, if you'd like to offer them. If you don't have them, can't get them, or just don't want to offer them, that’s ok. It's an option just like offering instrumental tracks.

If you're interested and have questions on how to group tracks, exporting, delivery or even concerns about this, just email and we’ll be happy to chat and give you all the details.