Join us in Nashville on September 30th for our Annual Artist Party! Our crew is excited to get together and toast to the great things happening in our incredible community of musicians. We want to see your face!


Congrats to the winners of the 1st Annual Musicbed Film Fest!

Let’s hear it for the 70,000+ participants of our first film festival. We’ll just go ahead and say it, this was a huge win for all of us!

1,900+ Films Submitted

66,000+ Votes Cast

250,000+ Visitors from 206 Countries


Cheers to the Music Video Category Winners


Thanks to everyone who submitted their music vids! We can't wait to celebrate with all the winning filmmakers, artists, and judges next month at Musicbed HQ.

Winner Header.jpg

We believe in a world that values music enough to truly support the artists creating it. If there’s any question about why we do what we do, it boils down to that. We love you guys and are so excited to be a part of supporting the work that you’re creating.


We wrote an article that digs deeper into the idea of what it looks like for artists to support each other — because it’s a huge deal to us. It hits home.


You’re our heroes! See how your music was used this month.