The Music Bed App is all-new with beautiful features that make streaming Playlists, creating Wishlists, and discovering new music easier than ever. 

Filmmakers now have access to all of your tracks available on Music Bed for licensing right at their fingertips. The App's messaging feature sends users straight to relevant music and content inside the App. With intuitive filters and search capability, creatives streaming MB music on mobile are turning to your albums for daily listening and inspiration for their projects. It's just one more way we're making your music more accessible.


We are so excited to be partnering with The Omnicom Group, a global advertising and marketing holding company that oversees more than 1,500 creative agencies worldwide. They represent some of the biggest content producing brands: Apple, Sony, McDonalds, Visa, Adidas, Volkswagon, etc.

Omnicom just developed a music licensing platform solely for their agencies to use called MusicLink, where these agencies will have access to different music catalogs. Music Bed is one of two indie licensing platforms in their system, giving major brands access to any artist in our roster who wants to opt in.



Introducing Film Supply — our very own stock footage site! Film Supply is providing filmmakers with highly curated footage for licensing. Along with Music Bed, Film Supply is devoted to providing premium content to creatives. Our library is being built of aesthetic scenes from a new breed of revolutionary filmmakers. If your friends (or you) are handy with a camera,  apply to join our fast growing team of exclusive contributors!

Film Supply is an awesome addition to the Music Bed family and will be a great benefit to artists by centralizing excellent licensable content for creatives.



#ProjectFilmSupply was the biggest campaign in Music Bed history. We asked our community of filmmakers to submit their dream film idea for the chance to see it come to life with production help from our team.  Here's how #ProjectFilmSupply spread Music Bed to a whole new batch of filmmakers.


Over 1,500

Just Over 60,000
Total Votes

#ProjectFilmSupply had 
6,304 Tweets + 1,329 Instagrams


Over 35k #ProjectFilmSupply Video Views on Vimeo

Music Bed Traffic Doubled from 220K People to 400K

New Site Visitors Increased by an Incredible 280%



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