Special Pricing on Gear with Vintage King Partnership

We get asked all the time for recommendations on the various creative aspects of releasing music on Musicbed – from writing and recording to imagery and marketing – so we’ve started collecting some resources that you can utilize in the process.

The newest collaboration in this toolkit is with audio and gear supplier Vintage King. There’s a lot of value in VK inherently – they specialize in recording studio gear and ridiculous inventory, support from people who know what they’re talking about, and actual reps you can meet face to face. We’re not getting paid to talk about them. We don’t get kickbacks if you buy anything from them. They’re truly a resource we believe is beneficial for artists to have access to, and as a Musicbed Artist, you now get the added bonus of special artist pricing with them.

To take advantage of the special pricing, you’ll have to get with a VK rep directly – so we want to introduce you to our friend and VK’s Nashville contact, Stephen Earnest. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Nashville or not, Stephen can still make sure you get what you need at the best price!



Stephen Earnest
615-866-5015 ext. 243