Welcome to Musicbed. We’re glad you’re here. Now that you’re officially in our family, there are a few things we still need in order to get your music ready for licensing. Explore this page to find music and image requirements, tips and tools for releasing music, plus many common FAQs. Once everything is squared away, we’ll be ready to release!

Feel free to reach out to your A&R Rep if you have any questions!
You can send assets through any shareble service – Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive.



Capitalize on the most sync opportunities by providing multiple options for filmmakers to choose from.



An image may be the first impression someone will get of you and your music. Here’s a rundown of what we need.



Details matter. Permissions, searchability, backend royalties. We need it all so you can be found, get paid, and stay legal.



An additional way to find revenue, unlicensed films, and marketing opportunities. Don’t let this pass you by.